Buzz Inn Steakhouse

The first Buzz Inn Steakhouse was purchased in 1981. It was originally the Buzz Inn Tavern and Bee Hive Café located at 3615 Broadway in Everett, Washington. In January of 1982, we united the tavern and café concept to present a fine steakhouse menu featuring the best steaks and burgers, a variety of drinks, and crowd-appealing breakfasts. Since that time, each steak house has been incorporated under the laws of the state of Washington. However, we refer to this as our family of restaurants and lounges, known as the Buzz Inn Steakhouses. It has taken a lot of hard work and investment to provide you with a friendly work environment and provide the public with a quality dining environment with food, drinks, and other entertainment. We pride ourselves on the customers who keep coming back time and again!


Address: 5200 172nd St NE,
Arlington, WA 98223
Phone: 360-658-1529