Sometimes I think I'm a restaurant critic. After all... I eat and, believe it or not, occasionally have an opinion. I think there's some kind of an old saying... something like "I eat and therefore I am." I'll have to check with John Owen and see if that's right.

The restaurant that I have in mind, however, is not one to be critiqued except as it applies to applause. I'm speaking of Chopsticks, located two properties south of the Westgate intersection, directly across 100th from Bartell Drugs. As a matter of history, for those of you who are somewhat new to the area, the original Chopsticks was in a large building that was demolished to make room for Bartell Drugs. It was a family operation and my family used to go there somewhat frequently. We felt a pang of regret when it was closed and torn down after over 40 years in Edmonds.


Address: 23025 100th Ave W,
Edmonds, WA 98020
Phone: 425-776-1196