Il Granaio Authentic Italian Restaurant

At Il Granaio Authentic Italian Restaurant, our mission is pretty simple: Authentic Food, Genuine Hospitality. Our business stands out because of its pasta (made fresh daily), the amazing and historic grainery it sits in, and most importantly, the staff that makes every guest feel like they are guests in their own home.

First, we begin with fresh local ingredients combined with homemade pasta and authentic Italian recipes you won't find elsewhere. The next and most crucial piece of our culture is what we like to call genuine hospitality. As the dining experience has evolved, more and more patrons choose to order delivery and take out which is great for convenience but does not create memorable experiences in most cases. Our goal is to bring hospitality back to the dining experience and guests back into our dining rooms.


Address: 100 E Montgomery St,
Mount Vernon, WA
Phone: 360-419-0674