Ivar’s Seafood Bar

Ivar Haglund was a true Seattle character and icon. He was known as an entertainer, folksinger, restaurateur and ultimately the "King," "Mayor," or "Patriarch" of the waterfront. The story of Ivar's Seafood Restaurants began in 1938 when 33-year old Seattle native Ivar Haglund opened his city's first aquarium on Seattle's Pier 54. Droves of people lined up and paid a nickel to view the sea life that Ivar had collected from the surrounding Puget Sound. Noticing that his patrons often came with an appetite, Haglund began to sell red clam chowder and fish n' chips from the siteā€”an instant success that began his career as a restaurateur.

The Norwegian/Swede Haglund, locally known as a folksinger before a fish 'n chips purveyor, spread the word about his aquarium and seafood bar by performing in educational and entertainment programs at nearby schools. He also staged a number of attention grabbing spectacles, such as octopus wrestling and clam eating contests on the Seattle waterfront.


Address: 125 SW 148th St Ste D,
Burien, WA 98166
Website: www.ivars.com/sfb-locations
Phone: 206-242-3281